Piano Vertical


It is an unusual musical performance

Were the pianist-composer Alain Roche and his grand piano is suspended in the air, vertically, under a moving crane, to perform a fascinating recital.
It is an overwhelming poetic act!


A technical challenge, made with Swiss invention and precision

Alain Roche, pianist-composer, imagined and invented the PIANO VERTICAL in 2013.
Fernand Kummer, a piano player, developed a system that allows hammers to hit the strings exactly with the same accuracy as when the piano is in its usual position. He has created the only piano in the world capable of playing vertically.
A team of highly experienced specialists from around the country (engineers, choreographers, technicians, stage managers, tuner, manager, etc) are working on this project.


Audaciaus inventor and romantic composer

«With his intense look and dark hair, the Swiss artist composes music of solar quality. With this exceptional concept, he stands out as an audacious inventor, as a pianist with a unique sound. In the service to the theatre, to dance and to the cinema, he creates his very personal style, a world in which sound climates are reshuffled, somewhere between lyricism and cataclysm.
With his performance Piano Vertical, he embraces the airs and gives wings to a romantic explosion..»

Corinne Jaquiéry / 24 Heures




(Aurora & Eventide)

It’s time! Time to stop time

The PIANO VERTICAL seeks to provoke the teeming crowd to somewhere
Let the idler stop, look up to the sky and live a new, although familiar, experience: the emotion of music.
Offering the people a moment of indulgence.
A sunrise or a sunset … Differently!

duration and time: 45′ at sunrise and/or 45′ at sunset
©: 2013 | tour: available



(“Under Construction”)


200 people seated and equipped with professional headsets…
A work for grand piano suspended in the air and sounds of construction…
An experience!

duration and time: 45′ at sunrise
©: 2019 | tour: available

Alain Roche


Alain Roche

Alain Roche believes in encounters. Some have been key to guide him on his artistic path. One started his vocation as a professional pianist; another, at music academy, helped him make the right choices: contemporary music over classical, piano over oboe; another one led him to discover the stage and comedy. More recently, his meeting with dancer and choreographer Stephanie Boll, has shaken his core beliefs and led him to question his vision of art and piano in particular. Together, they founded BOLL & ROCHE CIE.

2013 saw the beginning of the unusual project PIANO VERTICAL, when playing the piano became a full body experience for Alain Roche. Handling the physical demands of playing vertically while constantly looking for the groove. He has been involved in all aspects of artistic production and learned the codes – composition, set design, lighting, sound design -.

A mind game helps him to unwind and recharge: “When I lose myself composing, I imagine a ball and the billions of ways it can bounce.”

The ball has already bounced thousands of times leading to many performances – piano, theatre, choreography, cinema – : EXIL (ballet – Greece 1999), TOI, MON INFINITUDE (ballet – opera Kiev 1997), L’HEURE DU SECRET by Elena Hazanov (film – Switzerland 2011), DIE STRASSE, EINSTEIN, OBSESSION, L’INSOLENCE DU PRINTEMPS (dance-theatre, Switzerland/France 2013-2018), INCANDESCENCE, R.O.C.H.E., ON BOUGE ENCORE (Switzerland/France album 2004-2016) and many more.