Aurore / Crépuscule

(aurora / eventide)

The outdoor performance of Piano Vertical takes place at dawn and at dusk. Alain Roche offers two heavenly and distinct compositions.

Through the first light of dawn, when the night lifts, Piano Vertical slowly reveals itself and makes time stand still.

At dusk, when the horizon becomes indistinct, the inside of the piano lights up as if in an imaginary flight, punctuated by tiny electric touches and nocturnes.

Outdoor and indoor

It is in an audacious and prestigious setting that Piano Vertical gains its full and true value. The performance takes place in the open air as well as indoor.

The performance can be imagined as moving (lifted by a mobile crane). The piano can also be attached to a building façade as well as on an inside wall or roof.

Piano Vertical favours historical, sacred and landmark urban buildings, city squares, natural unusual settings, water surfaces, outstanding ideas and new challenges to tackle.

Dreams may come true: let’s dream together.